About the Boys and Girl (and their Humans)

Introducing the boys, and girl!

Chauncey, Brooklyn, Alex and Kitty and their Humans.  (Max R.I.P.),

Rescued from different circumstances, these five adopted miniature pinschers each have a story to tell, and their own opinions and ideas on how to get along with their human counterparts.  Chances are, the boys, and girl, and the humans that love them, have been through  the same challenges that you and your dog(s) may be facing.

 The Little Dog Diaries offer solutions, hope and sometimes humor to problems you may be facing with your little (or big) dog.

Karen and, her husband, Richard, are The Little Dogs humans.

Karen has over 13 years working with rescued dogs through her volunteer work. Currently, she volunteers as a Director and New York Regional Coordinator for Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc., (IMPS) the largest non profit miniature pinscher rescue group in the country, and Canada. In addition, she volunteers with the SPCA of Westchester.

Karen is the CEO/Founder of Publishing Pros Corp. and Five Barking Dogs!  Every day she works alongside her 5 miniature pinschers, Alex, Brooklyn, Buddy, Chauncey and Kitty. And sometimes an IMPS foster dog.

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