Carrot Chews or What Happened to Our Bully Sticks??

 Has anyone noticed how much bully sticks jumped up in price last year? We used to get a bully stick a day to chew on. WE love bully sticks. They make us calmer because all that chewing somehow releases serotonin into our system. I would go through at least one stick every two days. Because I love to CHEW. Was I addicted? Probably, but it was a good addiction. I could go through one 12 inch bully stick every two days. At $15.99 a pack the cost added up but I guess it was worth it to have us diverted and calm because we got a lot of bully sticks. And my human mom was able to get a lot of work done too. 

But one day, we didn't get a bully stick when we wanted them. I did my best to convey my annoyance at not having one by jumping up and fussing about it. I would get a bully stick here and there. But they were not in constant supply like before. I had to slowly be weaned off of these chews that lasted so long and gave me so much chewing pleasure.  The sticks dwindled to one a week, one every two weeks and one a month. They went from $15.99 a pack to $32.99 a pack overnight, and we would go through one and half packs a week between the four of us! And these were the premium sticks, range fed, no antibiotics, or additives. 

Well, now we have a new, healthier and less expensive alternative that we get to chew. We get a whole carrot every day. We love them. It helps satisfy our urge to chew. And the vet says it is much better for us, too. 

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