Game Time!

I get so excited when I see my Mom get out my football (Snack 'n Roll by Booda). It drives me wild even before I start playing with it.

My eyes focus in on it, and I start jumping for it. She laughs and tells me to sit. It takes all of my will power to sit still especially when I see her cut off the top of a bisquit. It has to be a certain size otherwise, she says, it will be too easy for me to get out the treat.

She can just barely stuff it into the football without breaking it. But now it is wedged into the middle of my football puzzle and we walk together into the office.

The other three know this is MINE. I take it and trot off to my dog bed under the window. My head held high because I have the BEST toy and it is all mine!

I roll it with my nose, I roll it hard against the wall, I pick it up and take it to the daybed in the office and drop it from up high. But the treat will not budge, yet! Rolling it with my nose, shaking it with my mouth, figuring out how to shake free the treat inside, banging it against the file cabinet, the bookcase and the desk, I finally get a corner of the treat within my reach. More rolling and shaking, and finally the treat slips out and I crunch down on the bisquit. Touchdown!

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