I Still Love My Voice!

I just love my voice. It makes my mommy and daddy pay attention to me. I like to warn them of danger whether it is a squirrel or the man in the uniform that drops off boxes at our front door.

My voice is loudest. It just makes me feel so good when I out bark my siblings, Kitty, Max, Chauncey and Brooklyn.  Three of us try to use our voice to keep Dad at home as he leaves for work in the morning. At night we are all excited to see him because that means treat time is almost here. We get impatient waiting for him, and I can't help it, I have to bark starting an hour to an hour and a half before he comes home. I just can't contain my excitement.  Usually, I can stir up the crew and get some really good noise going. Even quiet Brooklyn has joined in our ear shattering chorus of welcoming Dad home.

My voice is good for other things too. It makes Brooklyn give up his spot on the top of the couch. I will also bark if I think he has the better bully stick or Kong. If I finish mine first and Brooklyn is still savoring his, I will persist until my Mom gets up from her desk and gets me another snack.

My voice rewards me in so many ways, but it also helps me do my job. I'm the self-designated play police. It is my duty and right  to stop the others from playing with each other. I also make sure no one comes close to our home with my loud barking. I think it scares everyone.

My voice tells Max to stop licking Chauncey's face or else. It makes the squirrels jump out of their skin and run away out of my reach. Nothing can compare to the power of my voice. It is magical.

My mom was telling my dad about a natural mist product Earth Heart's Canine Calm. She said she really likes it, and it seems to help calm dogs during thunderstorms and other stressful events.  More on this later. Oh, she said it also keeps humans calm. 

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