I'm Max

My proper name is Maxamillion but I get called Maximan, Maxie or just plain Max by those that love me. I was labeled "the biter," and was adopted by my human parents because it wasn't ethical for them to adopt me out to the public after I bit my foster mom's hand numerous times in what is called a number 4 bite. A number 4 bite is when you bite multiple times, draw blood and still do not back down. Or something like that. I just know it is the second to the worst bite a dog can do to another being. As a puppy, I learned early on that nipping with my sharp baby teeth caused the human hand to "give up" in a game of pounce. I would sneak up quietly and pounce on my human's hand, attacking it with all of my might. My razor teeth easily stopped the hand from petting me, and I would be the victor once again.

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