Let's Go Wild!

Wow! Today we played a strange game. At first I wasn't sure about it and just froze. When my human said "Go Wild" in a loud voice and flayed her arms around and kind of jumped up and down I just looked at her like she had "Gone Crazy." And then, oh man, it got interesting, she took off running (sorta) in the house because it was ice cold outside. We followed close and then she stopped suddenly and said "Freeze!!!" as soon as we froze, she clicked and gave us a yummy piece of natural venison jerky. And then she started up again with her jumping up and down an saying "Let's go Wild." We all played this game for a while. We got really good at it too. Everytime she stopped and said, Freeze!, we sat. She clicked and treated us with a reward.

It was a great way to burn off some energy inside where it was warm.


Editor's Note - Here is a video on how to play this wonderful game with your dog brought to you by a San Diego based dog trainer.

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