My Story by Chauncey

If it weren't for the Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc., (IMPS) a miniature pinscher rescue organization run entirely by volunteers, I would not exist today, at least not in this world. Either would thousands of other min pins that found themselves without a family or a home.

I was adopted from IMPS and so were my three brothers. We all come from different backgrounds and circumstances and this is what has made us into the dogs we are today.

I think I could be the favorite since I was the first foster failure or success as my mom calls it. Once I met her I knew it was going to be different for me. She had chicken and was sitting on the floor, not looking at me. It was the best smell and I was starving.

She said I was the skinniest dog she had ever met. I was also the dirtiest and stinkiest dog too, but she didn't care. We bonded immediately. She was my safety and comfort and the bearer of food. From that day forward, I was close by my Mom always.


My first month photo. My wrinkled forehead makes me look 12 years old.


My Dad is a different story. It has taken me several years but I have finally come to trust him. Well, I still don't let him pick me up. But I kiss him now and even jump up on his lap.

When my brothers first arrived, I  ruled! That lasted about two or three months until they grew from puppies to adults and doubled in size. Now it is their kingdom but I'm still the little prince!


Here I am pinning Brooklyn down easily.





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