Our Maximan Has Cancer

Our little Max is sick. Our scrappy, unpredictable, playful little dog with the separatoin anxiety has chronic lymphactic leukemina.

We have been battling the cancer  with help from our primary veterinarian, an oncologist and a holistic veterinarian for the past year.

Max's part in the fight for his life is phenomenal. He is one little scrapper and not one to give up easily.

For now, we are winning the battle. Max is in remission. He has been for several months now. His blood tests show everything is back to normal.

In the beginning, Max's test results were not good. But after a month or so of treatment with both holistic and conventional medicine his blood test results were normal! It was so unbelievable to the vet he had the lab run the test again.

We began the weaning off of the meds to see how his body would do without it. Rechecks showed he was doing great. We are at the lowest dose to keep Max comfortable. He continues his holistic prescription of vitamins, minerals, homemade diet and stem cell enhancement.

Max's appetite is good. Although he is thinner and more frail now. But it doesn't stop him from his favorite game of "finding the ball." He entices us to play ball with him on a daily basis.

We are hoping his bloodwork continues to be normal and his next blood work up is in three months. We treasure each extra day we have with Max. Although we don't understand how it could have happened, we are so thankful for his miraculous recovery.

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